16 Tonnes

If you can imagine it, we can build it

The Art Army

16 Tonnes is backed by a crew of talented professionals who have each proved their salt with brawn, wits and determination to see each project through to perfection. Each of our soldiers possess a diverse set of skills which can only be acquired from having been put to test with requests such as “wouldn’t it be cool if we suspended the car over the side of that building?” or “we want an evil, gory, shrinking hallway and a slimy alien that hatches out of a giant egg”. We thrive on challenge. Whatever you envision, this crew will make it happen. Art, architecture, graphics, pyrotechnics, chemistry, welding, carpentry, wiring, molding, sheer muscle and sometimes acrobatics are all in a days work for the Art Army.


Brendan "Captain" CallaghaN

Founder / Production Designer / Art Director

Brendan began working in the film, television and commercial industry in 1996. His background in carpentry immediately made him a valuable asset to the art department crew. He began as a set dresser and on set carpenter and quickly worked his way up to key props and buying. He now predominantly works as a production designer and art director. Some of his past projects include “Scare Tactics”, “Freak Encounters”, “Panic Button”, Meet The Family” and “Canada’s Smartest Person”. His expertise in hidden camera and special effects design as well as his energetic personality attracted the attention of several television producers. Brendan has preformed the role of host on both “Prank Science” on Discovery Canada and “House Hazards” on HGTV. He is known to his friends and colleagues as "Captain Callaghan" because he always knows how to steer the ship and to command the respect and loyalty of his crew. 



Kristin "Little Mama" Roberts

Founder / Manager

If you want to ask what Kristin does, you’ll probably save yourself some time by asking what she doesn’t do. Kristin began her post secondary studies in Micro Biology and Genetics then went on to environmental science and finally decided to add a sociology degree to her repertoire. She also claims to have a “PhD in Star Trek” but we do not have the paper documentation to back that up. In 2009 she began working in film and television. Since then she has held the title of casting director, researcher, on camera talent, post production supervisor, audio producer, production coordinator, graphic artist, art department coordinator and well… the list goes on. As an owner of 16Tonnes Inc., Kristin wears many hats but the one that is most important to her is making sure her crew eats their vegetables and wears sunscreen.  That’s why we call her Kristin “little mama” Roberts.




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