16 Tonnes

If you can imagine it, we can build it

Set building & dressing
Prop building
Special effects

Metal work
creating small miracles

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

We specialize in anything from wacky, kid-friendly shows with giant fuzzy toys to scare-the pants off you horror sets. If your creative partners can imagine it, we can build it. From simple, perfect home decor to mechanical beds that open up to eat actors and squirt out blood (yeah, that actually happened) we're up for it!

We have extensive experience in hidden camera, drama, thrillers, commercials, trailers and all the fun stuff in between. Some of us like to build, some of us like to wire, some of us like to design and some of us just like blowing stuff up! Bottom line is if you can imagine it in your mind we can find a way to make it happen on camera. We can fabricate/invent just about anything although, to be fair, our plans for the world's first teleporter are still on the drawing board. We'll keep you posted on that one!

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